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Code to Text Ratio Checker

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Text to Code ratio is the level of a website page that is actual, text content. It is accepted that web engines 'like' sites that have a high text to code ratio, which would help your SEO.

Code to Text Ratio checker can assist you with effectively recognizing the level of the text on any page. It utilizes an unique calculation that processes the proportion of noticeable text and the HTML code of the site page.

 To figure out what the site text proportion or text to HTML proportion of your site is, you can utilize our site text ratio tool. By utilizing this tool, you will actually want to play out a test and figure out what the amount of both text and code are there and can do your thought process is fitting to fix any issues that might emerge.

Having a high proportion code to text will assist with expanding your site's possibilities positioning higher in web engine results. Most web indexes use code to message proportion, it gives you a main edge over your competitors and across all web engines when you have a higher code to message proportion on your website.