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About Google Cache Checker

Google Cache checker is an tool to see reserved pages and to figure out the specific date and time your website page was stored. Google's cache is a preview of the page. Google takes a snapshot of each page and stores (caches) that snapshot as a back-up.
You need a Google Cache Checker to inform you as to whether any of your pages are stored by Google. The reserve is a method for putting away web reports briefly for sometime later. These web archives might incorporate pictures and HTML code. A cache is utilized to decrease data transmission use as well as prevent possible lag and server load. At the end of the day, a web reserve can store different web documents that pass through it. In this way, all succeeding requests may likewise be permitted from the reserve assuming unmistakable circumstances are met. Two of the most well known reserving techniques are Quickcache and jpcache.

If you are a website owner or webmaster, this Google web cache checker tool can be of extraordinary assistance to you since this store analyzer will let you know your site information and connection that was all reserved by Google. Hence, all links that were ordered by Google can likewise be called cached URLs.