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Under every one of the pictures, text, and suggestions to take action on your site lies your website page source code.

Google and other web engines "read" this code to figure out where your site pages ought to show up in their lists for a given search query.

While the source code is the foundation of a PC program for developers, it is a significant area for online advertisers which isn't noticeable to customary clients. SEO
errors can be recognized and fixed in the source code. The source code likewise contains significant extra data about a site. By dissecting the source code, you can, for instance, effectively track down secret connections. In addition, the source code contains significant data about the CMS being utilized, markup or meta information. Sanctioned labels and content of a site are noticeable in the source code. Following codes for the end goal of promoting can likewise be found in the source code.

Special web investigation programs, compilers, and browsers can be utilized to peruse the source code of a site. Browsers , for example, Google Chrome, Firefox or Edge have a basic capability with which the page source code can be shown. Normally the web source code is conveyed north of a few lines.