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There are many justifications for why you could have to check your space DNS records which are proliferated on the web. For example, your site isn't accessible (it is possible that DNS records are incorrect) or you want to check which DNS records are displayed on the web.

Domain Name System (DNS) is utilized to guide an approaching site space to the IP address of the server. It implies that when you open a site, the DNS records bring the IP address of the server (there is the space pointed) and serve the site.

The most effective method for checking DNS records of the space is to utilize a terminal with the command nslookup. This command will run on practically all working operating systems (Windows, Linux, and macOS). The command nslookup shows all DNS records of the space and underneath will be given different nslookup command to the changed DNS record types to check utilizing the command line.

  • Lookup A record:

nslookup - type=A

  • Lookup NS record:

nslookup - type=NS

  • Lookup MX record:

nslookup - type=MX

  • Lookup CNAME record:

nslookup - type=CNAME

  • Lookup TXT record:

nslookup - type=TXT

Other DNS records you can check by supplanting the DNS record type, for example, nslookup - type=SOA domainname.