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Plagiarism identification or content likeness recognition is the most common way of finding occurrences of counterfeiting or copyright encroachment inside a work or record. The boundless utilization of PCs and the appearance of the Internet have made it more straightforward to counterfeit crafted by others.

Recognition of plagiarism can be embraced in various ways. Human location is the most conventional type of distinguishing counterfeiting from composed work. This can be an extended and tedious errand for the reader and can likewise bring about irregularities in how plagiarism is distinguished inside an association. Text-matching programming (TMS), which is additionally alluded to as "counterfeiting identification programming" or "against counterfeiting" programming, has opened up, as both financially accessible items as well as open-source programming. TMS doesn't really recognize counterfeiting as such, yet rather tracks down unambiguous sections of text in one record that match text in another report.